Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Safety of the campsite?

A: This campsite is not gated and is guarded by dogs. It is a 28 acres farm area.

Q: Toilet availability?

A: We have 2 toilets with shower ready and we are building new kitchen based & extra 5-6 toilets

Q: Parking place & accessibility?

A: We have enough car parking spaces for 200pax, but only 4x4 vehicles are able to reach our campsite, the rest can only park at our car park site and contact us for pickup to the campsite.

If you have to return to car park area, the distance from campsite is around 500 meter slope road. Please ensure all items are being carried along when we pick you up.

Q: Kids allowed?

A: Yes, but we are not responsible for any injury or loss of life during their stay. This campsite is recommended for age 12 and above.

Q: Got WiFi internet?

A: Nope. But there are 4G with Maxis, DiGi, Celcom.

Q: Can bring dog?

A: Yes, we are pet friendly.

Q: Can bring any food there?

A: Yes.

Q: What are the activities there?

A: This campsite is for people to camp and chill. We don’t have river & there is a life risking jungle trek. Just enjoy the sea of clouds here sleeping in your camp.

Q: Got electricity?

A: No. but toilet yes, but not for charging your device.

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